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Chris Coffin and his legal team treated me professionally and like family. The medical/legal system can be difficult to navigate, and stressful. After suffering a traumatic medical situation for years, my case was resolved professionally and with results.

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I would highly recommend Chris Coffin and his team.  Chris took the time to understand my case and explain the legal process to me in a clear, concise manner. He was a fierce advocate for our legal rights. Chris fought tirelessly on our behalf and was able to secure a settlement that exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Chris and his legal team to anyone who is looking for an excellent attorney.  He will fight for your rights and help you get the result that you deserve

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Chris Coffin and his team are professionals who care about your family and deeply want to make a difference. They are outstanding at all the big and small details of legal guidance. Chris and his team were a blessing in our path and our lives are changed for the better because of the work Chris and his team did on our behalf.

Our Successes

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Current Case

Contaminated Baby Food Linked to Autism

Contamination of baby food from heavy metals exposure puts children at risk.

Current Case

PPIs Linked to Development of Cancers

Long-term use of either drug can account for up to a 250% increased risk of developing stomach cancer.

Current Case

HPV Vaccine Causing Serious Side Effects

The HPV vaccine's manufacturer has failed to adequately disclose serious potential risks.


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